MAHOUT - The Great Elephant Walk

Winner of London Independent Film Festival - Best Film (UK) 2014
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  • Pink Banana Studios
  • The Big Sky
  • Narrated by Stephen Fry

  • Syncbox
  • The Mill

'ma·hout /mə'haʊt (noun): [in India and South East Asia] a person who works with, rides and tends an elephant.'

The remarkable bond between elephant and mahout is built on many years of trust, a tradition spanning centuries. And, in parts of Asia today, mahouts continue to dedicate their lives to caring for these intelligent, awe-inspiring creatures.

Mahout – The Great Elephant Walk follows the story of ex-London city worker, now eco-lodge owner Tim Edwards, who needs to relocate four elephants and their mahouts between two national parks in southern Nepal. But walking some of the largest land animals in existence across one of the most densely populated regions on Earth is no simple task. The expedition must overcome teeming cities, searing heat, monsoon rains and untamed jungle.

On this epic journey, we get a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of the mahouts, experiencing first-hand the extraordinary relationship between man and elephant.


London Independent Film Festival
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival
Japan Wildlife Film Festival



James Dartnall

James has been passionate about film, photography, and production since his teens. After studying at the University of Bristol, he began to work his way up the ranks of the BBC. But with creative energy that quite often has him literally bouncing off the walls, his sights soon turned to starting his own production company and Pink Banana Studios was born, making imaginative videos for some of the world's leading brands. James also loves an adventure and upon hearing that a university friend, Tim Edwards was attempting to walk some of his Asian elephants across Nepal, he knew instantly this was a story worth telling. Along with filming he also created a series of photographs from the trip, prints of which are being sold to raise money for elephant conservation in Asia.

James is founder and CEO at Pink Banana Studios.

Jack Wylson

Jack began his career in wildlife filmmaking, then moved to adventure travel with his first feature Free Wheels East (2010). A philosophical journey exploring freedom from money and the expectations of society, the film followed a three-year round the world bicycle ride visiting every continent without airplanes. Following its release, Jack moved to Los Angeles, where he produced hit rom-com, Lust for Love (2014), reaching #1 in the iTunes independent movie chart. On return to London, he jumped at the chance to revisit his adventure documentary roots, travelling to Nepal with his old university friend, James to film what was to become Mahout - The Great Elephant Walk.

Jack is co-founder and Producer / Director at The Big Sky.


Whilst making Mahout we became aware of the many problems facing Asian elephants in Nepal, and we were inspired to help raise funds and awareness for the International Trust for Nature Conservation (ITNC), a charity which is running wildlife conservation projects in Nepal and elsewhere. For more information, or to donate, please click the link below.

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Directed & Produced By
James Dartnall
Jack Wylson
Narrated By
Stephen Fry
Written By
James Dartnall
Jack Wylson
Associate Producers
Sofie Alonzi
Ben Wylson
James Dartnall
Jack Wylson
Sofie Alonzi
Jack Wylson
Music By
Kevin Pollard
Visual Effects
Christopher Hetherington
Assistant Editors
Reuben Ross
Ross Adkin
Alison Marston
Sooraj Shrestha
Reuben Ross
Gabriel Soto
Elisabeth Wylson
Audio mixer
Richard Evans, Syncbox
Matt Osbourne, The Mill
Colour Producer
Cat Scott, The Mill
Jency Chong
The Team
Laxman Bala
Kalu Ram Bote
Tim Edwards
Khem Gurung
Jaya Ram Kumal
Kale Kumal
Dambar Mahato
Sanichara Mahato
Dhan Bahadur Tamang
Khullu Tharu
Sanichara Tharu
Thaggu Tharu